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Hosted by Mark Fancourt-Smith and Alix Stoicheff, LawsonInsight is a look inside the legal mind. Each episode shares lawyers' insights on the latest Western and Northern Canadian legal news to help you make the right decisions that affect your business.

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Episode #7 | North of 60
On Episode 7:
North of 60 Mark Fancourt-Smith and Alix Stoicheff speak to Northern partners, Sandra MacKenzie and Sheila MacPherson about our Northern practice and how practicing law North of 60 looks a little different.

Episode #6 | In the Spirit of Giving Gift Cards
On Episode 6:
In the Spirit of Giving Gift Cards Mark Fancourt-Smith and Alix Stoicheff speak to Kelowna partner, Paul Matthews, P.Eng. (AB) about British Columbia’s Prepaid Purchase Cards Regulation and what you need to know when buying or using gift cards this holiday season and beyond.

Episode #5 | The FYI on the LOTA
On Episode 5:
The FYI on the LOTA Mark Fancourt-Smith and Alix Stoicheff speak to real estate lawyers Ed Wilson and Brendan Craigabout the Land Owner Transparency Act in British Columbia, and how this groundbreaking regulation will pave the way for other jurisdictions and countries around the world.

Episode #4 | Led Zeppelin & Canadian Copyright Law
On Episode 4:
Led Zeppelin & Canadian Copyright Law Alix Stoicheff speaks to Mark Fancourt-Smith about the fundamental differences between Canadian and United States copyright law using the recent ruling in the U.S. involving Led Zeppelin’s song “Stairway to Heaven”, and some other key examples.

Episode #3 | Uber vs. Heller and the Gig Economy
On Episode 3:
Uber vs. Heller and the Gig Economy Mark Fancourt-Smith and Alix Stoicheff speak to privacy and employment partner, Ryan Berger, about the class action case between Uber and its drivers, and how it raises new questions about the relationship between platforms like Uber and the people who provide services through them. What could this case mean for service providers like Uber and the gig economy as a whole?
Episode #2 | Considerations of Social Media Defamation

On Episode 2: Considerations of Social Media Defamation – Mark Fancourt-Smith and Alix Stoicheff speak to litigation lawyers, Marko Vesely and Ricki-Lee Gerbrandt, about defamation—what it is, how it has traditionally been handled, and what companies should consider when faced with online defamation.

Episode #1 | Tackling Top Employment Issues in 2020
On Episode 1: Tackling Top Employment Issues in 2020 – Mark Fancourt-Smith and Alix Stoicheff speak to Labour, Employment and Human Rights lawyers, Rob Sider and Cory Sully about some of the top employment issues they have been advising on since the start of the pandemic and what employers should consider moving forward.

Webinars On-Demand

All of our webinars are available on-demand so you are able to watch them when it's convenient for you. Please note you would need to register to access the webinar. 

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October 22, 2020


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May 28, 2020


Disclaimer: Lawson Lundell communications are intended to provide general information and commentary only. They are not intended to be a source of legal advice. Please retain and seek formal legal advice from a lawyer for specific matters or issues of interest arising from this communication.
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