Lawson Lundell’s legal research and opinions group has over 50 years of practice experience, and provides rapid, accurate, and cost-effective answers to legal and legislative research questions to members of the firm and to external clients. 

Our research lawyers work full-time researching and analyzing the law using both traditional and electronic legal resources. Members of the Group prepare legal opinions on a variety of matters arising from corporate transactions and complex litigation, as well as arguments, pleadings, factums and briefs for tribunals and all levels of the provincial, territorial, and federal courts. Group members conduct legislative and policy analysis for both organizations and government agencies, and have extensive experience drafting legislation. They also advise foreign counsel on various Canadian legal issues, and provide evidence on Canadian law for use in foreign courts.

The Group leader, Lisa Peters, KC is an adjunct professor at the Peter A. Allard School of Law and regularly conducts seminars on an array of legal topics, including contracts and conflict of laws. 

The Group is supported in its work by two professional librarians and one library technician. Lawson Lundell's library contains an extensive collection of print and online resources with a focus on corporate law and litigation. The library's services include locating legislation and case law, monitoring the progress of bills, providing current awareness services, and preparing background research on clients, industries, and projects. 

The Group and the library staff provide orientation and training to new members of the firm, following up with one-on-one training as needed. The Group also assists members of the firm with law-related publications and marketing materials, including newsletters, articles, and seminar papers. 




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