Contract Law Update 2023: Developments of Note


Lawson Lundell lawyer, Lisa Peters, KC, has released her annual Contract Law Update for 2023. Every year, Lisa undertakes a review of decisions from the previous 12 to 18 months, looking for cases relevant to the commercial law practice. Her review focuses on cases that have led to significant changes to the law of contract, instances where the Supreme Court of Canada (“SCC”) weighed in on a contract law issue, and highlighting cases that remind us of longstanding contract law principles and how those principles apply in practice.

This year's topics are:

  • Update on the principled exception to privity in favour of third party beneficiaries
  • What’s new with the duty of good faith in contract law
  • Recent law on the interpretation and application of buy-sell (shotgun) clauses
  • Notional severance revisited
  • Offer and acceptance in the digital world

To read the full paper, click HERE.

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