Matters to Consider for the 2020 Annual General Meeting and Proxy Season


Every year, reporting issuers are faced with the task of tailoring the disclosure for their annual general meeting to an ever-evolving list of changes in corporate and securities laws, updates to stock exchange rules, new guidance from proxy advisors and regulators and developing corporate governance trends.

This checklist and overview of certain matters relevant to the 2020 proxy season is intended to help reporting issuers in Canada prepare for their upcoming annual meetings by identifying relevant developments in disclosure rules and governance practices over the past year. We have prepared the checklist to set out very briefly some key changes to the Canada Business Corporations Act that have come into force for this proxy season, the areas where the Canadian Securities Administrators have provided guidance on or updates to their respective disclosure rules, where proxy advisory firms have updated their proxy voting guidelines, and where trends or best practices have emerged or evolved. 

Please download the guide by clicking the link below. 

Proxy Season Guide 2020

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