Lawson Lundell Lawyers Receive Multiple Mondaq Thought Leadership Awards 


Four Lawson Lundell lawyers have won multiple autumn 2022 Mondaq Thought Leadership Awards. The awards recognise the top authors based on total readership between April 2022 and September 2022 across several topics. The awards are given to authors that contributed one of the top three most read articles in Canada for that subject area.  

Edward (Ed) Wilson and Andrew Mildenhall were the recipients of the Real Estate and Construction award for their article, 'Important LOTA Deadline: Pre-Existing Land Owners To File Transparency Report By November 30, 2022.' The article, published on September 8, outlined the requirements for complying with the British Columbia Land Owner Transparency Act before its November 30, 2022 deadline. 

Shailaz (Shai) Dhalla and Natasha Sanders received both the Energy and Natural Resources award and the Fin Tech award for their article 'Alberta Energy Regulator Requests Information Regarding Cryptocurrency Mining Operations.' The article, published on May 3, provided an overview of the Alberta Energy Regulator's (AER) then recently published Bulletin 2022-12, that requests information related to current or future cryptocurrency mining operations associated with AER-regulated sites.

Mondaq is an online knowledge resource used by senior decision makers seeking insight from professional services firms. Its contributors come from over 5,280 firms in 138 countries. 

Congratulations to Andrew, Ed, Natasha and Shai! 

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