Business Communication Strategies to Reduce Corporate Risk: Practical legal advice to guide companies in the current crosshairs of the electronic age in a litigious world

Lawson Lundell's Business and Breakfast Seminar Series
Hyatt Regency Calgary | 700 Centre Street SE, Calgary AB

This presentation will review good corporate communication practices and strategies to reduce corporate risk in the event of litigation or a regulatory investigation, and will cover:

  • The importance of creating an appropriate evidentiary record of corporate conduct.

  • How saying too little or too much can impact a company's ability to defend or pursue a claim.

  • How to control and limit the proliferation of corporate records over uncontrolled environments such as texts and chats.

  • Practical tips for technical and commercial employees to demonstrate reasonableness and due diligence in pre-litigation communications and avoid smoking guns.

  • Practical corporate communication strategies in the event of actual or anticipated litigation. 

  • How to ensure legal discussions and internal investigations are adequately protected. 

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