Asian Heritage Month: Profiling Flora Griffith, Associate in our Pensions and Employee Benefits Group

May 2018

In honour of Asian Heritage Month, we recently interviewed Flora Griffith, an Associate in our Pensions and Employee Benefits  Group. We asked Flora a series of questions about her background and community involvement. To learn more about local organizations she is involved with, the Canadian of Asian Heritage who inspires her, and the most important lesson she learned from her parents, read the full interview immediately below:

Q:What is your earliest memory of celebrating your Asian Heritage?

A: I grew up in China and only came to Canada after high school. One of my earliest memories was running on railway platforms with my parents to catch the train to my grandparents’ town for Chinese New Year. The train system back then was not very developed and the journey could be quite chaotic, but it was a very exciting time for me. During the New Year season, the entire family would decorate, cook and play games together, and us kids would listen to old folktales and stories told by my grandpa. We were not celebrating an “Asian Heritage” per se, since we were all in China, but these happy times instilled in me one of the most important values of China: the importance of family.

Q: Are you involved in any local communities or organizations with ties to your Asian Heritages?

A: I am currently a member of the Federation of Asian Canadian Lawyers British Columbia Society (FACL BC). I also keep in touch with my Chinese friends and former classmates from both undergrad and law school who are living in Canada.

Q: Can you name a Canadian of Asian Heritage who inspires you?

A: Adrienne Clarkson, Canada's first Governor General of Chinese heritage and visible minority. She was actually one of the reasons why I decided to come to Canada for my undergraduate studies since she inspired my confidence in the multiculturalism of Canada.

What is the most important lesson you learned from your parents?

A: To be open-minded and embrace new cultures and ideas, while staying connected to my roots.

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