Craig Ferris, KC, FCIArb., Quoted in Business in Vancouver on British Columbia's Bill 12 Pause

Business in Vancouver (BIV)

Lawson Lundell lawyer, Craig Ferris, KC, FCIArb., was quoted in an article by Business in Vancouver (BIV) titled "With Province's Bill 12 on Pause, What Happens Next?". In the article, Craig responds to how Bill 12, which aims to protect against online harm, has been interpreted by the business community and what it could mean for companies and consumers if it were to pass through legislation.

“This bill allows [the government] to sue anyone for the present value of the total expenditure of government for health-care benefits, whenever they've done something that could reasonably be expected to result in the [health] risk,“ said Craig. “That could be sugar, that could be [Coke], that could be cell phones, that could be anything. So that's the problem - the way that legislation is written, it doesn't really catch behavior that is bad, it catches things that many years later, somebody might determine is bad.”

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*Note: this article is available behind a paywall.

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