Tim Syer Quoted in Yellowknifer Article on How Self-Isolation Rules are Deterring Business


Lawson Lundell associate, Tim Syer, in his capacity as president of the Yellowknife Chamber of Commerce, was quoted in an article by the Yellowknifer on the Government of Northwest Territories' (GWNT) self-isolation policy for people entering the territory. 

The Yellowknife Chamber of Commerce, in two separate letters sent to Russell Neudorf, the head of the Covid-19 Coordinating Secretariat, and to Premier Caroline Cochrane, have asked GNWT to reconsider aspects of their self-isolation policy to make it less onerous to local businesses. 

“The problem with (the policy) is that it deters companies from bringing workers in because it’s complicated and expensive,” said Tim Syer, “I worry it’s discouraging people from moving up here to work.”

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