Craig Ferris quoted by the Globe and Mail, CBC and National Post about the constitutional Issues surrounding the Bountiful, BC Polygamy case.


On August 18, 2014, Craig Ferris was interview about the constitutional issues arising out of the Bountiful, BC polygamy case.

In the interview, he discussed how the trial will differ from the reference case. "There are a number of issues that were raised in the reference case that are unlikely to be raised in [the trial]", said Ferris. "You'll get a more specific constitutional argument, which again may not answer the question on this law forever, because you will be focusing on the charges that were laid". 

Along with the Globe and Mail, this interview was also published by the National Post, CBC, CTV, Vancouver Sun, Montreal GazetteLeader PostStarPhoenix, Windsor Star, Calgary Herald, Edmonton Journal and many others. 

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