Laurie is a paralegal in the Calgary office of Lawson Lundell. Laurie joined the firm in 2022 as a Corporate Records Paralegal and has over 17 years of experience working in the corporate records department.

In addition, she has extensive experience in corporate law including, incorporations, amendments, dissolutions, extra-provincial registrations, revivals, reinstatements, continuances, trade name registrations, partnership registrations, limited partnerships, personal property registrations and searches and due diligence searches. 


Laurie's responsibilities include:

  • Conducting detailed minute-book reviews;
  • Preparation of corporate resolutions and documents pertaining to incorporations and amendments;
  • Preparation of annual maintenance package (including AB, Federal and extra-provincial);
  • Updating the ALF to ensure registers accurately reflect the current directors, shareholders and officers;
  • Personal property registrations and searches; and
  • Due diligence searches


  • CORES Level I, II and III (1998)
  • APPRES (2007)

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