#BCTechSummit Week: Q+A with Technology Lawyer, Paul Matthews, P.Eng. (AB)


In line with the 2019 #BCTECHSummit, we interviewed Paul Matthews, P.Eng. (AB), Counsel in our Technology Law Group. We asked Paul a series of questions about emerging technologies and how it affects the practice of law.

To learn more about his top three tips for a start-up tech company, advice on tech companies looking to expand into BC and his favourite current tech gadget, re
ad the full interview immediately below:

For the full interview with Michael Macaulay, please click here.

Q: What advice can you provide for tech companies looking to expand into BC and the rest of Canada?

A: My advice to tech companies looking to expand in Canada would be to tap into your target tech ecosystem and familiarize yourself with the government funding or tax credit programs available for tech companies and investors in tech companies your target province.

Q: What technology are you most interested in?

A: The convergence of personal and wearable technologies that is distributed through our phones, smart watches and household devices is the up and coming technology that interests me most.

Q: How do you think the new emerging technologies. i.e. artificial intelligence, quantum technology, etc. will change the practice of law?

A: I have found that the practice of law is resistant to change because it is settled and well-established. In my opinion, the practice of law will change at an individual level first where those individuals will lead the adoptions of emerging technologies which will eventually result in the adoption of new technologies across firms.

Q: What are your top three tips for a start-up tech company looking to establish itself in the tech industry?

1. Make connections in the tech ecosystem.
2. Learn all you can from other tech start ups and entrepreneurs; and.
3. Always be an active learner.

Q: What is your favourite tech gadget?

A: I really like smart watches because they are personal, wearable and coincide with my anticipation of the convergence of wearable technologies.

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