Energy Law Newsletter - Summer 2002


The following items can be found in this Energy Law Newsletter:

Editorial Comment

  • U.S. Power Investigations


  • Joint Review Panel Jurisdiction to Consider Environmental Effects of Downstream Generation Projects - Georgia Strait Crossing Pipeline (GSX)
  • Aboriginal Consultation - Haida Nation v. B.C. and Weyerhaeuser
  • FERC Generator Interconnection Notice of Proposed Rule-Making

British Columbia

  • Utility Proposals to Dispose of Assets Pass BCUC Scrutiny
  • Sumas Energy 2 (SE2) - EFSEC Recommends Approval to Governor Locke
  • Class Action Against BC Hydro Stayed
  • Changes to BC Oil & Gas Commission Act


  • Re-structuring in Alberta - Electricity Transmission
  • Market Achievement Plan (MAP)
  • AEUB Jurisdiction to Exempt Hydroelectric Projects - Glacier Power's Dunvegan Project
  • NOVA Gas Transmission Load Retention Service
  • NGTL General Terms and Conditions: Interpretation of Article 3 as it Relates to CO2

Northwest Territories


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