Energy Law Newsletter - Spring 2003


The following items can be found in this Energy Law Newsletter:

Editorial Comment

  • U.S. Power Investigations (II)


  • TransCanada Pipelines 2003 Tolls and Tariff Application
  • TransCanada Pipelines 2001/02 Fair Return Application
  • Potential Northern Pipelines

British Columbia

  • B.C. Hydro "Heritage Contract", Stepped Rates and Transmission Access
  • Georgia Strait Crossing Pipeline and Vancouver Island Generation Project
  • Duke's Southern Mainline Expansion Project
  • BC Gas Acquires Express Pipeline System, Considers Name Change to "Terasen"
  • Accenture - BC Hydro Close Outsourcing Transaction


  • ISO Transition
  • Amendments to Gas Utilities Statutes
  • Glacier Power Hydroelectric Project Denied
  • ATCO Electric Applies to Construct a 3rd Transmission Line from Fort McMurray

Northwest Territories

  • Inuvik Gas Ltd. Rate Proceeding
  • NTPC GRA Phase II Hearing in April 2003

The Yukon

  • Devolution Takes Effect in The Yukon

Feature Article

  • New BC Legislation re: Coalbed Methane Rights

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