Lawson Lundell Launches Intellectual Property Group


Lawson Lundell is delighted to announce the launch of a new practice area - the Intellectual Property Group. 

Intellectual Property is an asset that requires careful strategy, management and protection. Our IP group assists clients throughout the lifecycle of technology or product development, from creation and capture, through de-risking and scale up, to commercialization and enforcement.

We have a team of experienced Intellectual Property lawyers as well as registered patent and trademark agents who advise our clients on their IP needs, including devising IP strategies, obtaining patent and trademark registrations and providing IP guidance on commercial transactions. With the Firm’s existing Intellectual Property Litigation Group, the Firm now offers our clients the complete IP services package that would better respond to increasing demand for IP strategy, management and protection as well as complement the Firm’s full service legal offering.

"A carefully constructed IP strategy is essential for any technology-based business," said Paul Matthews, P.Eng. (AB), partner and Co-Chair of the Firm's Intellectual Property Group. “We assist clients in devising offensive, defensive or hybrid IP strategies that align with and support their business priorities, plans and budgets.”

"We can help clients develop business strategies around core IP assets by assessing industry and market sector landscapes, including competitors' market positions, and IP strengths and weaknesses," said Richard Okimaw, partner and Co-Chair of the Firm's Intellectual Property Group. "This understanding allows us to help clients focus their research, development, and IP protection efforts and to determine the best commercialization pathways to market."

For more information on the Intellectual Property Group, or to contact a member of the group, please click here. 

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