Megan Kaneen Co-authors Article on the Evolving Law for Benefits Plans in Plans & Trusts Magazine

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Lawson Lundell lawyer Megan Kaneen co-authored an article with Allen Furlong in the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans (IFEBP) magazine, Plans & Trusts. The article is called 'Evolving Law: Can Benefit Plans Contain Certain Age-Based Distinctions?' 

"Legal challenges have benefit plans questioning certain age-based distinctions, including a maximum age for receiving extended health care (EHC) or disability benefits," wrote Kaneen and Furlong. "The outcome may depend on plan-specific factors such as plan jurisdiction, the applicable human rights legislation, the nature of the benefit in issue, plan experience and the demographics of plan membership, among others."

The IFEBP is an 'educational organization dedicated to providing the diverse employee benefits community with objective, solution-oriented education, research and information to ensure the health and financial security of plan beneficiaries worldwide.' 

Read the article* here

*This article is reproduced with permission from Plans & Trusts, Volume 39 Number 4, pages 16-23, July/August 2021, published by the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans (, Brookfield, Wisconsin. All rights reserved. Statements or opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views or positions of the International Foundation, its officers, directors or staff. No further transmission or electronic distribution of this material is permitted.


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