Ricki-Lee Gerbrandt Interviews Harvard Law Professor Mark Tushnet on the Future of the US Supreme Court in CBA National

CBA National

Lawson Lundell lawyer, Ricki-Lee Gerbrandt, had an interview with Harvard law professor Mark Tushnet published by Law Matters in the Canadian Bar Association's National Magazine. The article, titled "Reforming the US Supreme Court," discusses the different scenarios that could play out around court reform. 

"The court’s size can be increased by the enactment of an ordinary statute. Formally speaking, that requires only a majority in both houses of Congress. The U.S. Senate, though, has a rule allowing “extended debate” – more commonly called the filibuster – that has become a de facto requirement that all legislation not related to the budget have support from 60 Senators,” said Professor Tushnet in his interview with Ricki-Lee Gerbrandt. “With the Senate divided evenly between Democrats and Republicans, there appears to be no chance today for the passage of Court-expansion legislation."

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