Ricki-Lee Gerbrandt Published an Article on the Future of the US Supreme Court on CBA National

CBA National 

Lawson Lundell lawyer, Ricki-Lee Gerbrandt, had an article published by Law Matters in the Canadian Bar Association's National Magazine. The article, titled "Packing a stacked US Supreme Court?," examines the options open to President Biden in light of the conservative dominated Supreme Court that resulted from the untimely death of former Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. 

In an era of civil divisiveness that resulted in the recent Capitol riots, what are President Biden’s options? Will he pack the Court? Create a separate constitutional Court? Seek to amend the Constitution to reduce life tenure? Do nothing? Ricki-Lee Gerbrandt’s article delves into these issues. 

"The importance of the court’s makeup cannot be understated. Its docket reads like a laundry list of the toughest legal, moral, and political issues circling America - the right to health care, abortion access rights, and racial discrimination in voting procedures, with gun control rights not far off the horizon,” wrote Gerbrandt. “These decisions will shape not just American law, but also American culture and lives.

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