Building Okanagan Flood Resiliency

Virtual Leadership Forum
21.10.20 | 5pm

Lawson Lundell partners, Michael Macaulay and Paul Matthews, are co-hosting a 'documentary style' Virtual Leadership Forum with Camille Saltman and Sarah Sutherland of entrepreneurship@UBCO, called 'Building Okanagan Flood Resiliency.' It is presented by the University of British Columbia's accelerator program, entrepreneurship@UBCO. 

The virtual event, sponsored by Lawson Lundell, will feature a series of discussions and presentations on how the Okanagan is building flood resiliency and working to protect water quality utilizing natural assets. Attendees will learn about the vulnerability assessment tools, modelling techniques, and low cost, natural resiliency strategies that can and have protected our region and the challenges still ahead. 

Register for the event here

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