Vancouver Real Estate Leasing Conference


Peter Tolensky will be speaking at the inaugural Vancouver Real Estate Leasing Conference on Thursday, November 1, 2012. Peter will be a panellist at the session on "Head Leases vs. Sub Leases - A Review of Case Studies"

Subleasing is increasingly significantly and it is important for both tenants and landlords to understand the key issues and differences associated with these types of tenancies. What is a sublease? What are the major differences between a head lease and a sublease, e.g. in assignment; tenants’ rights? As a tenant, how do you work with landlords in order to get consent? How are lease takeovers being structured? What is the tenant’s perspective on subleases? Or the landlord’s perspective? What is the difference between lease and sublease enforcement? How do you actually terminate the lease? How can lease provisions manage sublease activity without unduly penalizing the tenant? When can the landlord’s consent be reasonably withheld? Does the landlord need a third party agreement?  With significant new office inventory coming on stream over the next few years how will sub leases play an increasing role in the Vancouver market. 

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