Commitment to Diversity and Inclusiveness

Lawson Lundell celebrates diversity and respects a broad spectrum of lifestyles regardless of a person’s age, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, social, and/or political views. True diversity and inclusiveness means understanding how our differences impact our views and the way we act and interact with one another. We do not expect uniformity of views on important issues of the day, nor do we shy away from rigorous debate, but instead expect those interactions to be respectful and to appreciate diverse views.

We recognize the unique contributions all of our lawyers and employees bring to the Firm, including the generation of new ideas and effective teams that diversity brings.

In recent years, Lawson Lundell has been making strides in increasing diversity within the Firm as an integral part of its culture founded on trust and respect.

Graphic representations of gender diversity* in the Firm and each of our offices are set out below.

Firm Wide





*as of January 2022

Vision for the Future

We understand that we must do more than recognize the importance of diversity and inclusiveness —we must also create tangible and concrete changes at the policy level and to our firm composition. To that end, our Chief Inclusiveness Officer and Diversity and Inclusiveness Committee monitor our progress and implement programs to improve understanding amongst our diverse workforce and clients. Their work includes initiating training for our lawyers and staff, participating in provincial and national diversity and inclusiveness groups within the legal community, and monitoring and encouraging firm progress towards a more diverse and inclusive environment. We also recognize that we will not achieve our goals without dedicating the appropriate resources and spending the time to foster a diverse and inclusive workforce. Described below are some of our efforts. We are proud of our achievements to date but are committed and determined to do more.

Our Initiatives


As part of our commitment to diversity and inclusiveness, Lawson Lundell participates in the Justicia Project, a voluntary initiative facilitated by various Law societies including the Law Society of British Columbia and the Law Society of Alberta that is designed to support the retention and advancement of women lawyers in private practice.

Diversity by the Numbers

Lawson Lundell participated in Diversity by the Numbers, an initiative led by the Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion (CCDI) in partnership with the CBA that seeks to better understand the demographic makeup of the Legal Profession in Canada.

Diversity 50

Partners Tamela Coates, KC, FCIArb. and Valerie Mann are on the Diversity 50 list, which solicits applications from the business community who seek directorships on Canadian boards, and from these applications each year creates a database of 50 highly qualified, non-traditional candidates for such positions.

Support in our communities 

  • We have been official sponsors of Vancouver Pride, Calgary Pride, NWT Pride, Kelowna Pride, Dr. Peter AIDS Foundation and Start Proud.
  • We are a partner of Pride at Work Canada which empowers employers to foster workplace cultures that recognize LGBTQ2S+ employees as an important part of a diverse and effective workforce.
  • We are actively involved in a number of community organizations, including the Federation of Asian Canadian Lawyers (FACL), South Asian Bar Association of British Columbia, and the North American South Asian Bar Association (NASABA).
  • We support a variety of charitable and community organizations focused on improving our local communities through our LawsonGives initiative.
  • Lawson Lundell lawyers separately give of their time within and outside of the firm to mentor, advise and assist women in the practice of law and in business, more generally. For example, we have been involved with the Women Lawyers Forum, Forum for Women Entrepreneurs, Women in Tech, Women in Private Equity, Business in Vancouver's Women in Business event and other Women-focused panels. 

“Learning from different perspectives within and outside of our firm enriches the working environment for all of the lawyers, students and staff at Lawson Lundell and provides us with better insight into our clients' concerns and objectives.”

Clifford G. Proudfoot, KC
- Managing Partner and
Chief Inclusiveness Officer

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