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Stephen Torr is a paralegal in the Vancouver office of Lawson Lundell LLP with over 10 years of experience working in corporate law in British Columbia and is registered with Service Alberta at a Cores 3 accreditation level. 

Stephen has extensive experience in corporate law relating to incorporations, amalgamations and continuations, alterations and corporate reorganizations, corporate and estate freezes, share and asset business acquisitions, as well as various other corporate proceedings.

Stephen is a registered voting member in good standings with the British Columbia Paralegal Association. 


Stephen's experience includes:

  • Conducting minute book reviews and preparation of rectification documents; 
  • Drafting documents for a variety of corporate matters including incorporations, reorganizations, amalgamations, continuations, restorations, dissolutions and amendments to corporate entities; 
  • Drafting of Share Specific Rights and Restrictions/Company Articles, and;
  • Providing nominee director services for Canadian based corporations that require Canadian based contact and/or residency

Community Activities

  • Carried Through Animal Rescue and Education (CTARE), Volunteer
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t 604.408.5311
f 604.669.1620

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