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Amber Caron is a paralegal in the Calgary office of Lawson Lundell LLP. Amber joined Lawson Lundell LLP in June 2018 and has worked in the legal environment for more than 14 years. She has provided paralegal assistance at various stages of foreclosure, litigation, builder’s liens and construction law. 

Amber is an integral member of the consumer recovery team. Her primary focus with the Lawson Lundell team has been consumer recovery, including foreclosure remedies. 

She has been in the foreclosure industry for over 7 years and brings to the team a focus on cost efficiency, and a keen sense of file management whereby she pays considerable attention to ensuring that her files progress to recovery as quickly as possible.  With years of learning through doing, including as a renowned “google sleuth”  she leaves no stone unturned, exhausting all options for initial security realization and, if necessary, finding debtors for recovery on deficiency Judgments.

Amber is a proud member the team of client and counsel, knowing that communication is the key to ensuring that the team works well, whether within the team itself, with debtors, or with our agents.  She is always available to provide status updates, to answer inquiries, and guide the file forward. 

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t 403.218.7516
f 403.269.9494

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