The Difference a Day Can Make: When a Strata Council pulls out the Rules
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Governing and managing a strata property can be messy and difficult.  Strata owners are generally a disparate group with little in common beyond ownership in the strata.  From among this group, a strata council must be elected, usually all volunteers who, to one degree or another, are reluctant participants and untrained in strata governance.  Yet, it is the members of the strata council who are often required to address the misconduct of individual owners and make decisions about what may, or may not, take place on strata property.  What are they to do?

In many cases, listening to the competing sides in any strata dispute and making common sense suggestions on route to a consensual resolution of an issue will suffice.  It is certainly the most reasonable way to solve problems, provided everyone behaves reasonably.  But what if that is not possible?

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