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New Canadian Environmental Assessment Act in Force / Important Amendments to National Energy Board Act in Force
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The new Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, 2012, came into force on July 6, 2012. The Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, SC 1992, c 37 has been repealed.

As the official version of the Act has not been posted to the Department of Justice website, the public must, for now, refer to sections 52 to 63 and 66 of the Jobs, Growth and Long-term Prosperity Act (Bill C-38). We previously provided an overview of the changes to the environmental assessment regime here.

Several regulations related to the new Canadian Environmental Assessment Act have also come into force, and links to unofficial versions of those regulations are found below:

  • Prescribed Information for the Description of a Designated Project Regulations;
  • Cost Recovery Regulations; and
  • Regulations Designating Physical Activities.

Additionally, several important amendments to the National Energy Board Act have come into force, including amendments that allow the Governor in Council to designate a Chairperson with specific powers to issue directives regarding timelines for reviewing applications under that Act.


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