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On June 6, 2023, the BC Financial Services Authority (BC FSA) issued a new guideline on best practices for multi-employer pension plans (MEPPs).

BC FSA advised in its Advisory 23-025 that the MEPP Best Practices Guideline is aimed at informing administrators and stakeholders of best governance practices of MEPPs registered in B.C. It also sets out BC FSA’s expectations ...

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The Pension Benefits Standards Act requires B.C. registered pension plans to conduct triennial plan assessments which assess the administration of a pension plan with respect to compliance with the Act, governance, funding, investment, and the performance of trustees and administrators.

For most pension plans (those with a fiscal year of January to December), the next ...

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As noted previously on this blog, pension regulators have been working towards increasing guidance for pension plan administrators in relation to protecting pension plan information and records. The BC Financial Services Authority (FSA) issued drafts of its Information Security Guideline and its Outsourcing Guideline, invited consultation, and in October 2021 ...

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In response to industry feedback after its initial release of the Information Security Guideline, BC Financial Services Authority (BC FSA) has issued:

  1. A revised version of the Information Security Guideline and
  2. The new Outsourcing Guideline.

BC FSA advised in its Advisory 21-015 that accompanied the revised Information Security Guideline that the revisions reflect ...


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