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    Stephen is an associate in Lawson Lundell LLP’s Vancouver office practicing in the Asia Pacific Group. His practice covers a range of corporate and commercial matters including lending and debt financing transactions, real ...

In Part One of our overview of common provisions in limited partnership agreements, we covered some of the provisions one would expect to find in a limited partnership agreement. In this article, we continue that overview, with a focus on financial matters, management and dissolution.

1.                  Capital Contributions and Accounts. These provisions set out the initial capital ...

在上一篇文章有限合伙协议——常见条款概述第一部分中,我们介绍了人们期望在有限合伙协议中看到的一些条款。 在本文中,我们将继续进行概述,重点关注财务事项、管理和解散。

In our last article on limited partnerships (link here), we introduced the concept of limited partnerships as a business structure in British Columbia.  In Part One and Part Two (to follow) of this article, we will cover some of the provisions one would expect to find in a limited partnership agreement, with a more detailed discussion of provisions that, if not well ...

Limited partnerships are a common business structure used in British Columbia, quite often in the area of real estate investment and development. They are attractive to investors due to their flexibility, ability to bring multiple entities (e.g. corporations, individuals, other partnerships) under one “roof” as limited partners, the fact that they are tax ...










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