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Like many British Columbians, I was surprised at the end of last month to read about a Chilliwack couple undertaking a Ghandi-inspired hunger strike against the Pickleball courts in their neighbourhood.[1] Could the racket sport really be so disruptive that residents felt the need to engage in a public protest? As it turns out, yes.

Pickleball is one of the fastest growing ...

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In my January 2012 and July 2012 blog posts, I discussed the ongoing saga of the Jordisons, arguably the epitome of strata owners from hell.  For a period of years, the Jordisons continually behaved in an obnoxious and outlandish manner towards their neighbors.  To try to stop them, the strata council levied fines totaling over $20,000 for their ongoing and flagrant ...


Societies are generally groups of like-minded people who form a voluntary association for a particular purpose.  Societies can be are created for many reasons: a charitable purpose, fostering a sporting or cultural endeavour, or provide a framework for religious groups.  The Society Act creates the legal framework for the incorporation and organization of such groups.  ...

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In a decision that will be of interest to developers and others whose interests may be affected by zoning decisions of local governments, the B.C. Court of Appeal recently reaffirmed the duty of fairness owed to interested parties when such decisions are made.  The Court also provided some guidance as to what is required of local governments in order to meet that duty.

At issue ...


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