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    Kinji has a general commercial and business litigation practice with a diverse mixture of practice areas and a broad range of experience. Kinji’s primary practice areas include complex commercial and civil litigation with a ...

Earlier this month, the B.C. Court of Appeal rendered its decision in West Van Holdings Ltd. v. Economical Mutual Insurance Company, 2019 BCCA 110 – a case which considered whether insurers can rely on certain exclusion clauses to deny or preclude coverage for environmental contamination and pollution claims.

The two insured entities, West Van Holdings Ltd. and West Van ...

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An appeal due to come before the Environmental Appeal Board (the “Board”) may address questions about the intersection between the provincial Ministry of Environment (the “Ministry”) and municipalities relating to the standards to be applied to remediation of contaminated land.

In October 2016, the City of Burnaby is appealing the Ministry’s decision to ...


High profile professional cases of on-field misconduct (think Bertuzzi, McSorley, etc.) have generated considerable headlines in the past, but what about when you or me laces em’ up and goes out on the weekend to play beer league sports?

What are the legal lines we encounter between legitimate and in the heat of the moment physical contact (a body check or slide tackle) and ...

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Authors: Kinji Bourchier and Amy Nathanson.

In the recent Ontario Superior Court case of Moore v. Getahun, 2014 ONSC 237 (“Moore”) the Court answered yes to this question and took a very restrictive approach to communications between counsel and experts.  Almost all civil litigators across the spectrum of cases deal with experts. Experts can play a ...

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On July 23rd, ex-Fifa presidential candidate, Mohammad Bin Hammam (“MBH”) was banned from football related activity for life.  He is the most senior official to be banned by Fifa in its 107 year history.  For the uninitiated, Fifa is the governing global body for the sport of soccer.  A brief factoid:  Fifa has more members (208) than the International Olympic Committee; is ...

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This is the second installment of my blog updates. The first was on the legal wranglings of the sale of Liverpool F.C. This is on Twitter and pro athletes.

In the wake of Liverpool striker Ryan Babel tweeting on a referee and being charged and fined by his league for "improper conduct" enter England and the West Ham strike of Carlton Cole's tweets on the friendly game between ...

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A few months ago I posted on the legal intrigues surrounding the sale of Liverpool F.C.

I received a bunch of positive feedback and a significant amount interest on that topic. As you may recall, I also promised to update readers on the progress of the Hicks and Gillett lawsuit in the U.S. So, with that segue, here's what has happened…..

When we last left our tale, Hicks and ...

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A few months ago on this blog, my colleague Marko Vesely posted an excellent piece on “Defamation and Libel Meets Twitter”.  For those of you who just want the “take-home”, the ultimate message remains the same - with every Facebook update, blog post or “tweet”, in the eyes of the law you are “publishing” and that makes defamation and libel applicable to you!  ...

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When Liverpool players take to the pitch, they are greeted by a chorus of cheers as tens of thousands of Liverpudlians sing “You’ll Never Walk Alone” - the Club’s theme. 

In the last 2 months, however, it was the form, tactics and results of lawyers off the pitch which had Liverpool supporters most vocal.  To try and do justice to football pundits, it would go something ...


This month, I am going to write on something a bit off the beaten path for the commercial litigation blog.  But it is a topic I often give advice to students on:  resumes and interviewing. 

This is especially timely, given that the Articling Week for 2011 students has just completed and the Articling week for 2011 Summer Students is fast approaching.  What follows is not meant to be ...


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