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In a recent case, Club Resorts Ltd. v. Van Breda, the Supreme Court of Canada elaborated on the “real and substantial connection” test, bringing greater clarity and predictability to the determination of whether a court is entitled to assume jurisdiction over a case which also has ties to a foreign jurisdiction.  In doing so, the Supreme Court of Canada has greatly ...

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The sky is falling!  Well, not really but some might think so given that the provincial government has introduced a bill, currently in first reading, that will bring some significant changes to the law governing limitation periods.  Limitation periods establish the time within which a lawsuit must be commenced, failing which it will be barred whatever its merits.  In the ...

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Retirement benefits have been much in the news recently with the announcement by the federal government that the eligibility age for public Old Age Security benefits will rise from 65-67 beginning in 2023.  Concerns about the affordability of retiree benefits is particularly acute in the private sector where factors such as the aging population, economic uncertainty ...

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You just met a nice foreign gentleman.  He asks you to assist him in facilitating a transfer of funds overseas.  You agree because he offers a 5% commission.  He produces a cheque payable to you, for a large sum, and asks you to deposit it into your bank account.  After retaining your commission, you wire the rest overseas as instructed.  Easy money!  Now, several weeks later, your bank ...


People are often asked, and frequently agree, to act as the executor of another’s estate.  This decision is generally made without an appreciation of what the executor’s role really is, particularly where there is a dispute over the Will.  Ordinarily, an executor is supposed to preserve the estate’s assets, pay the debts and distribute the balance to the beneficiaries ...


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