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A common fraud perpetrated on financial institutions is the deposit of counterfeit cheques.  The account holder distances themselves from the fraud by portraying the payment as one they thought was part of a legitimate transaction.  The funds are often withdrawn or transferred before the cheque is returned as counterfeit, usually within a matter of days.  After the ...

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The sale of condominiums in British Columbia is a big business.  The financing for the development of these condominiums is often dependant on the successful marketing and sale of the condominium units prior to construction.  These marketing and sale activities are governed by the Real Estate Development Marketing Act (British Columbia) (“REDMA”) which, among ...


If Cinderella had not married a prince, she might have cared a bit more about her legal status as a stepchild to her evil stepmother.  It is common ground that the relationships between stepparents and stepchildren can be difficult.  Vince Dixon of the Chicago Tribune recently provided sage guidance on how to mitigate some of those potential problems.  Communication is ...

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On July 23rd, ex-Fifa presidential candidate, Mohammad Bin Hammam (“MBH”) was banned from football related activity for life.  He is the most senior official to be banned by Fifa in its 107 year history.  For the uninitiated, Fifa is the governing global body for the sport of soccer.  A brief factoid:  Fifa has more members (208) than the International Olympic Committee; is ...

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There is a card in Monopoly that reads “Bank error in your favour” and which entitles you to keep the $200 wrongly credited to your account.   Banks can make errors.  Banks are also frequently the victims of fraud.  The result of this is often that a lucky customer’s account suddenly has a much larger balance.  However, unlike Monopoly, when this occurs, the bank will do all it ...


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