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A Vancouver realtor, Wilbur Roshinsky, was recently suspended by the Real Estate Council of B.C. for taking advantage of a 90 year old spinster suffering from dementia.  The realtor arranged to sell the spinster’s home to a developer for a price well below market rate.  CBC reports that the transaction was only caught and cancelled when the spinster’s lawyer learned of its ...

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At my in-laws recently, a rather overbearing friend of theirs was expounding to the gathered on the evils of banks and their obligations to provide anyone who wants one with a bank account.  Among other erroneous information, he opined that the right to have a bank account was inalienable and could not be denied by any financial institution.

Though it was not worth saying so at ...


The press is riddled with stories concerning perceived problems with the court system.  Various commentators say it is too slow, too expensive and procedurally unwieldy.  These concerns have led some to conclude that arbitration is a better alternative. Arbitration agreements do have risks which parties should understand before agreeing to an alternate form of ...

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This is the second installment of my blog updates. The first was on the legal wranglings of the sale of Liverpool F.C. This is on Twitter and pro athletes.

In the wake of Liverpool striker Ryan Babel tweeting on a referee and being charged and fined by his league for "improper conduct" enter England and the West Ham strike of Carlton Cole's tweets on the friendly game between ...


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