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A few months ago I posted on the legal intrigues surrounding the sale of Liverpool F.C.

I received a bunch of positive feedback and a significant amount interest on that topic. As you may recall, I also promised to update readers on the progress of the Hicks and Gillett lawsuit in the U.S. So, with that segue, here's what has happened…..

When we last left our tale, Hicks and ...

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This post was submitted by Lawson Lundell guest author Euan Sinclair, Director, Knowledge Management.

In the absence of a national identity card, many Canadians are routinely required to use their driving licences to prove their identity in the course of business, commerce or travel. But when is it lawful for organizations to record information from the licence to ...

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On April 13–14, 2011, the Supreme Court of Canada will hear a reference involving a show down between the federal government and various provincial governments over the question of whether the proposed new national securities regulator is constitutionally valid.

Currently, the securities industry in Canada is primarily regulated through provincial securities ...

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What is civil contempt of court? A fair question given the Ontario Court of Appeal's recent decision to uphold a 14 month sentence for civil contempt in the case of Barry Landen. Mr. Landen had defrauded the estate of his good friend Paul Penni of millions of dollars. This 14 month sentence arose not from the crime Landen committed (for which to date he has served only a 45 day ...


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