Vancouver Lawyers Represent Canada at the World Cup of Football for Lawyers


A team of Vancouver lawyers is heading up Canada’s best hope for gold at MUNDIAVOCAT – the Football World Cup for Lawyers, which takes place from June 1 to 10 in Rovinj, Croatia. This year the tournament will bring together over 1,500 lawyers from 70 teams representing five continents and over 30 countries.

MUNDIAVOCAT takes place every two years and Vancouver’s legal community has been sending a team since 2000, when the tournament was held in Marrakech, Morocco. This year the leadership is coming from team captain Kinji Bourchier, a partner at Lawson Lundell who has been a member of Canada’s team since he was a newly qualified lawyer in 2000.

According to Bourchier, the level of play at this tournament is very competitive. Most teams come from a soccer or “football” culture where the game is more than a game – it’s a way of life.  So Bourchier and his team of litigators and solicitors have to bring their very best from the opening whistle.

 “At the tournament, we are playing against lawyers from around the world who have different upbringings, religion, and politics. This global gathering of lawyers brings together people that are so different but at the same time, they all share a similar bond for the love of the game, and for 90 minutes on the pitch we are all equal and focussed on a common goal. That’s the beauty and universal appeal of sport,” says Bourchier.

Vancouver’s 18 member squad includes players aged 25 to 43 years old, who spend their days as litigators and solicitors, students and senior partners.  The team comes from varied backgrounds. The team’s player-coach is an officer is in the military reserves and brings some real military discipline to practice while other members of the team include counsel who have just argued in the Supreme Court of Canada, a graduate of Oxford University in Medieval History, and several former varsity level athletes.  Most of the team plays together on a local league team, which allows them to train together regularly outside of the tournament training.  This year, they won the Burnaby First Division.

The 2012 Vancouver team is sponsored by Lawson Lundell; Murphy Battista; Webster, Hudson and Coombs and Gowlings. Lawson Lundell comprises 6 of the team's players including: Kinji Bourchier, Chris Beneteau, David Snarch, Will Shaw, Mark Chandler, and Nate Todd Jones.