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Aboriginal Title Declaration Dismissed, For Now: Tsilhqot'in Nation v. British Columbia

On November 21, 2007, the Supreme Court of British Columbia released the decision of Mr. Justice Vickers in Tsilhqot'in v. British Columbia.

Energy Law Newsletter - Fall 2007

Energy Law Newsletter with a Feature Article on Residential Natural Gas Unbundling in BC.

Asset & Share Purchase Agreements

Presentation at The Canadian Institute’s Course Series on Negotiating & Drafting Key Business Agreements.

Understanding Arbitration Clauses in Class Actions: Have the Sands Shifted Once Again?

This paper will first review the history of the conflict between class proceedings and arbitration in Canada, and then address whether Union des consommateurs v. Dell Computer Corp. has provided guidance that arbitration agreements should, in general, be respected and that class proceeding legislation should not be regarded as providing a substantive ground to negate an arbitrator’s jurisdiction.

Energy Law Newsletter - Summer 2007

This edition of the Energy Law Newsletter has stories from British Columbia, Alberta and the Northwest Territories.

Forestry Law: Recent Developments of Importance

Significant developments in forestry law in 2006 include the finalization and implementation of a new softwood lumber agreement between Canada and the United States and further judicial decisions on aboriginal rights to forest resources.

Pension Dispute Arbitration Prevails Over Class Proceedings

In finding that arbitration prevailed over class proceedings, the British Columbia Court of Appeal has effectively ruled that a wide range of pension disputes in British Columbia can be put in the hands of a private arbitrator, rather than be subject to class proceedings, if one of the parties to the disputes wishes to do so.

Aboriginal Caselaw Summary: Ahousaht First Nation v. Canada (Fisheries and Oceans)

The Federal Court of Canada's decision in Ahousaht First Nation v. Canada (Fisheries and Oceans) is significant in that it emphasizes the reciprocal duty of First Nations in the consultation process, clarifies the nature of that duty and provides commentary on what comprises adequate and appropriate consultation.

Observations on Manualized Assessment

Presentation prepared for CPTA in June 2007.

Claims for Misfeasance in Public Office: A Brief Summary

In the last decade, plaintiffs unhappy with the economic impact that decisions or actions of public authorities have had on them have increasingly turned to the tort of misfeasance in public office (also referred to as abuse of power or abuse of authority) as an avenue for obtaining compensation.

Pension Plans Under Attack: Protecting Your Fund From Class Action Litigation

Litigation is a fact of life for pension and benefit plan administrators and sponsors. The scope, frequency and complexity of litigation in this area continue to increase each year. The purpose of this paper is to discuss and update the current trends in pension and benefits litigation as they relate to class actions.

Energy Law Newsletter - Spring 2007

Energy Law Newsletter with a Feature Article on new Federal and Alberta Climate Change Initiatives.

Mandatory Retirement in B.C.

Effective January 1, 2008, employers in B.C. will no longer be entitled to have mandatory retirement policies requiring all employees to retire at age 65.

Dealing with Mining Legacy - Some Canadian Approaches

This paper discusses approaches that have been used in Canada to identify and foster private sector, public and aboriginal participation in dealing with mining environmental liabilities and orphan sites.

Labour and Employment Law Newsletter - Spring 2007

Newsletter from the Labour and Employment Law Group.

The State of Electricity De-Regulation in Alberta and the Alberta Electric System Operators Role

A presentation about the Alberta Electric System Operator System (AESO), which has the mandate to ensure that all Albertans receive safe, economic and reliable power today and in the future.

Energy Law Bulletin - BC's New "Green" Energy Plan

On February 27, 2007 British Columbia issued "The BC Energy Plan: A Vision for Clean Energy Leadership". The document is an extensive statement of provincial energy policy, and a roadmap for future government action in BC's energy sector.

Denial of Disability Benefits

The purpose of this paper is to highlight the distinction between benefits provided under benefit trusts and claims made under disability insurance policies. While the substance of the claim is generally the same, the different legal nature of the benefits payable under a benefit trust will likely result in the claim being adjudicated and litigated in a different manner.

Energy Law Newsletter - Winter 2007

Quarterly newsletter from the Energy Law Group.

Mining Update - Winter 2007

This is Lawson Lundell's web-based publication dedicated to keeping readers informed about developments in Canadian mining law.