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The focus of the Project Law Blog is on matters relating to environmental assessment and compliance, regulatory matters and aboriginal consultation issues emerging in the law and policy that applies to the development of major projects in Canada.

Regulatory Compliance

The Regulatory Compliance Group provides advice and assistance to clients in connection with:

  • Federal, provincial and territorial laws, regulations, guidelines and policies
  • Requirements for licences, permits and authorizations
  • Liability of corporations and their directors and officers
  • Development of corporate environmental policies
  • Development of environmental management systems
  • Training programs for environmental compliance
  • Compliance requirements and risk allocation related to commercial transactions

Key Contacts

Examples of our experience include:

  • Ongoing advice in connection with operational compliance to commercial, industrial and resource development clients
  • Development of corporate environmental policies and environmental compliance plans and programs
  • Compliance advice in connection with commercial transactions – due diligence, risk assessment, risk allocations, transfers of licences, representations and warranties
  • Advice to industrial land owners respecting compliance with contaminated site remediation and liability for remediation costs
  • Providing counsel and advice to clients in connection with spill reporting, inspections and investigations

Team Members

Name Office Phone Email
Armstrong, QC, Brad604.631.9126
Bergner, Keith604.631.9119
Bourchier, Kinji604.631.9267
Dhalla, Shailaz403.218.7522
Kowbel, Christine604.631.6762
Proudfoot, Clifford604.631.9217