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The focus of the Project Law Blog is on matters relating to environmental assessment and compliance, regulatory matters and aboriginal consultation issues emerging in the law and policy that applies to the development of major projects in Canada. 

Project Permitting

The Project Permitting Group has represented project proponents in regulatory, environmental and aboriginal consultation processes throughout Western Canada and the North in all major resource industries including mining, oil and gas development, pipelines, hydroelectric power production, aquaculture, transportation and forestry. We have represented clients in public hearings before regulatory tribunals including the National Energy Board, the Alberta Energy Utilities Board, the British Columbia Utilities Commission, panels established under theCanadian Environmental Assessment Act, and provincial environmental assessment acts, as well as the Northwest Territories Water Board, the Wek’èezhìi Land and Water Board, the Nunavut Impact Review Board, and the Nunavut Water Board.

We advise project proponents on matters of federal, provincial and territorial jurisdiction, environmental assessment processes, consultation with the public and with First Nations, public hearings, regulatory licences and permits and approvals. We represent clients in responding to court proceedings, judicial review applications, and injunctions to address road blockades and other interferences with projects and resource development.

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Examples of our experience include acting as project counsel in connection with:

  • A major diamond mine in the Northwest Territories
  • The first mining project on Inuit owned land in Nunavut
  • Mining projects in British Columbia, Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut
  • Hydroelectric projects
  • Electricity transmission projects
  • Pipeline projects
  • Aquaculture projects
  • A major marine port terminal project
  • Numerous forest industry and pulp and paper industry projects

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