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  • Best Lawyers in Canada 2018 recognizes our lawyers in Corporate Commercial law and Corporate law.
  • Canadian Legal Lexpert Directory 2017 recognizes Lawson Lundell as a leading firm in Corporate Commercial Law
  • Chambers Canada 2017 recognizes Lawson Lundell in the Corporate/Commercial (British Columbia) category.
  • Best Lawyers in Canada 2017 is recognized as a leading firm in Corporate Commercial law and recognizes our lawyers for Corporate law.
  • Chambers Canada 2016 recognizes Lawson Lundell in the Corporate/Commercial (British Columbia) category.
  • Best Lawyers in Canada 2016 is recognized as a leading firm in Corporate Commercial law and recognizes our lawyers for Corporate law.
  • Benchmark Canada: The Guide to Canada’s Leading Litigation Firms and Attorneys 2015 recommends Lawson Lundell for Commercial law.
  • Lexpert Directory 2015 recognizes Lawson Lundell as a leading firm in for Corporate Commercial Law.

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Commercial Law

Day-to-day business operations depend on effective contracts, adequate systems for management of legal risk and compliance with multiple regulatory requirements. Lawson Lundell’s Commercial Law Group identifies the potential risks clients face and helps them address them appropriately. We look at the big picture and give advice that is focused to the client’s particular situation and on solving their problems.

We work closely with large and small businesses based in B.C. (public and owner-operated) and branch plants of domestic and global companies. We have strong regional knowledge of western and northern Canada and know our local markets and industry stakeholders.

Clients benefit from:

  • Relationship – Our experience proves that personal relationships foster regular communication, a better understanding of the client’s business and aims, and a sense of trust.
  • Responsiveness – Clients receive prompt service, straightforward advice, and solutions that suit their particular situation, based on their unique risks and opportunities.
  • Cost-effective service – Our preventative approach and efficient work style protect the client’s bottom line.

We advise businesses across a range of regional, national and international economic sectors, including communications, construction, distribution, energy, finance, franchising, manufacturing, media and entertainment, natural resources, professional services, retailing, technology, and transportation.

Our commercial law services include:

  • Entity formation, including shareholder and partnership agreements
  • Customer, supplier, distributor and franchise arrangements
  • Financing arrangements
  • Transportation arrangements
  • Management arrangements
  • Dispute resolution

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Team Members

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Abdel-Barr, Khaled604.631.9233
Adair, Sean604.631.9150
Allard, David604.631.9108
Andreone, QC, Rita604.631.9205
Arthur, Crispin403.218.7546
604. 631.9297 ext: 3297
Austman, Angela604.631.9135
Baldwin, Chris604.631.9151
Breen, Stuart604.631.9149
Chen, Irene604.631.9124
Craig, Gordon604.631.9155
Flowers, Kenneth403.218.7524
Gangji, Amaan604.631.9105
Grant, Zander604.631.9180
Lalach, Jonathan (Jay)403.218.7539
Lee, Garrett604.631.9161
MacMillan, Karen604.631.9160
Mann, Valerie604.631.9173
Marshall, L. Neil604.631.9162
Matthews, P.Eng. (AB), Paul250.300.8574
McKeen, Kellan604.631.9185
Mowat-Rose, Daniel403.218.7537
Muirhead, Gillian604.631.9133
Negenman, Paul403.218.7542
Paton, Jason403.218.7543
Read, Jeffrey604.631.9206
Robertson, Andrew604.631.9131
Rose, Gary403.218.7532
Ross, Andrew604.631.9170
Schwartz, Kyla604.631.9215
Scobie, Jeff403.218.7517
Scott, James403.218.7540
Shergill, Jagdeep604.631.6793
Shipley, Lana604.631.6756
Smith, John604.631.9120
Sulzer, Keith867.669.5529
Syer, Tim867.669.5523
Tamura-O'Connor, Bernadita403.218.7545
Winters, Julia604.631.9171
Woolley, Suzanne604.631.9280
Yan, Christopher604.631.9273
Yong, Jack604.631.9216