Business Law

Business law is a cornerstone of Lawson Lundell’s practice. We are recognized as one of the leading business law firms in Western Canada, providing a full range of advice and services to business clients. Within the business law grouping, significant areas of expertise include commercial law, mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance and securities, and private equity. We have expertise in a number of areas including construction, corporate governance, franchising, fund formation and administration and public-private partnerships, as well as in the related areas of banking and debt financing, insolvency, pensions and tax.

We serve clients across most industry sectors. Visit our Industries page to see our services offered to particular industries. Other industries with which we have extensive experience include aviation, communications, manufacturing, retailing, and transportation, including railway and operations.

A depth of experience working for all types of business organizations, local, national and international, has equipped us well to help clients deal with the ever changing landscape they face.

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Abdel-Barr, Khaled604.631.9233
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Allard, David604.631.9108
Andreone, QC, Rita604.631.9205
Arthur, Crispin403.218.7546
604. 631.9297 ext: 3297
Au, May604.631.9116
Austman, Angela604.631.9135
Baldwin, Chris604.631.9151
Breen, Stuart604.631.9149
Chen, Irene604.631.9124
Craig, Gordon604.631.9155
Dhaliwal, Mandeep604.631.6742
Flowers, Kenneth403.218.7524
Gangji, Amaan604.631.9105
Glass, Leonard604.631.9140
Grant, Zander604.631.9180
Hollingsworth, Greg604.631.9240
Kim, Nadia604.631.9136
Krahn, Reinhold604.631.9174
Lalach, Jonathan (Jay)403.218.7539
Laskin, Irv604.631.9235
Lee, Garrett604.631.9161
Li, Michael604.631.9164
Low, Michael604.631.9137
Macaulay, Michael604.631.9153
MacMillan, Karen604.631.9160
Mann, Valerie604.631.9173
Marshall, L. Neil604.631.9162
McKeen, Kellan604.631.9185
Mowat-Rose, Daniel403.218.7537
Muirhead, Gillian604.631.9133
Negenman, Paul403.218.7542
Ortved, Chat604.631.9127
Paton, Jason403.218.7543
Read, Jeffrey604.631.9206
Redenbach, Britt604.631.9102
Robertson, Andrew604.631.9131
Rose, Gary403.218.7532
Ross, Andrew604.631.9170
Schwartz, Kyla604.631.9215
Scobie, Jeff403.218.7517
Scott, James403.218.7540
Shergill, Jagdeep604.631.6793
Shipley, Lana604.631.6756
Smith, John604.631.9120
Sulzer, Keith867.669.5529
Syer, Tim867.669.5523
Tamura-O'Connor, Bernadita403.218.7545
Vlad, Lorena604.631.9177
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Winters, Julia604.631.9171
Woolley, Suzanne604.631.9280
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