Law Students

Why Choose Lawson Lundell LLP?

  • We have great people. From our most experienced partner to our mailroom clerks, our people genuinely enjoy working together to meet our clients' needs.
  • We have great work and a well-established client base.
  • We are a regional firm with all of our management and decision-makers rooted in Western Canada. We are flexible and attentive to the individual needs of our students and lawyers. You will never be just a number or a series of statistics at our firm.
  • We are committed to ongoing professional development to help ensure our students and associates become the best lawyers they can be.

Our Articling Program

At Lawson Lundell, our goal is to deliver an articling program that ensures each student is engaged in a broad range of challenging and meaningful work within a structure that provides guidance and support from our lawyers. We want to hire students who will become associates and eventually partners. To that end, our program focuses on:

  • encouraging professional development
  • fostering cooperation, not competition
  • directly involving students with clients and colleagues

We value our students. All of our lawyers and students work in aprofessional, team environment, while nurturing individual strengths.

We strive to be flexible in our start dates, rather than expecting all students to begin articling at the same time. We encourage our students to take advantage of clerkships at various courts and we are willing to adjust our start time to accommodate clerking.

We understand that selecting a firm for an articling program can be a difficult process for students. There are so many aspects of programs to be weighed and considered. We are always willing to speak with students about our firm and its program.

Contact Info

Jennifer Vermiere, Director Of Professional Development